Monday, November 17, 2014

That Silver Lining... Singing In The Rain

I am an optimist. I believe that we can get some good out of everything and everyone that we come across. I get this from my grandmother. Yes, my parents are positive people. Yes, I make it a point to surround myself with positive people. There simply was no one more positive or optimistic than my grandmother. I think of her often, especially when life makes me want to quit, and I picture her pointing her wrinkled old finger at me and telling me to push through it. 

This brings me to a day like today. It is a cold, rainy November day here in New York. We have thunder, lightning and strong winds in the mix as well. I wish I could post some of the faces I've seen today. People get so grumpy in this weather. I saw so many slouched shoulders, wrinkled frowning foreheads, clenched fists, and annoyed grins, all on my way in to work. 

Those that hate this type of weather must hate me. The only time the rain bothers me is if I've planned a trip to the beach and have to cancel it. Other than that, the rain is my friend and one of the best business partners I've ever had. Yes, those that hate this weather absolutely detest me. 

How do I know I am hated on days like these? Well, because I am genuinely happy. I love this weather. I love what it does to my city. I love what it does for my professional life. I know that rainy days are productive days for my team. We get so much more done. We stay on track and make some of the best moves on days like these. How?

Think about it. When the weather is ideal for people to go for a stroll, many of them come by the office. Many of them are not real buyers, sellers or clients. The real to not-so-real ratio from walk-ins and appointments on "beautiful" days is about 3 out of 10. Rainy days are the total opposite. When it is "ugly" outside, 9 out of 10 walk-ins and appointments are solid. It is also easier to get to my appointments because the rain keeps most of the crazy, time wasting people indoors. The real buyers, the real sellers and those motivated to do business come out on days like these. All others cancel appointments because of the weather. That opens up the day and lets us handle real business. As for the 1 not so ready person who walks into the office on a day like this one, I use that motivation to turn him/her into a “very ready” buyer or seller. So yes, the "messy" weather is great for my business.

The next time you see someone smiling from ear to ear on a rainy day, ask if he/she is in real estate, or if they are in a client service based field. I bet if they are successful Realtors who value the time they spend with real clients, they will probably answer yes. 

As for me, I'm off to do a little singing.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why do I exercise?

Everyone should exercise. So why don't more people choose to be healthy?

They truth is that unless we focus more on a reason for working out, and less on the act of working out itself, we may never see more people living more active, healthier lives.

So why do I exercise? Well, I will start off with 7 great reasons why I push myself to eat better, stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle which includes regular exercise. Those seven reasons which are at the top of the "why" list are in age order, George Jr. Christian, Isaiah, Justice, Antonio, Emmanuella and Evangelia. Those are my amazing children. They deserve a father that can participate in their lives. I can play ball, skateboard, dance, swim, play tag, climb trees, skip rope, wrestle, ride bike, master the monkey bars and do all the fun activities that children love to do. I am also taking out some insurance for a long life. I want to see my children grow. I want to be a part of their lives for as long as I can possibly can. So, I exercise.

This brings me to yet another 2 very important reasons why I exercise. As of Mid-December 2014, I will be a 42 year young grandfather to two grandsons. That's right! I am a grandfather. I don't want to be one of those grumpy, tired old men who shush their grandchildren whenever they laugh too loud. I want to be right next to them when people complain about US making too much noise. I need to be healthy to keep up with them.

So why am I posting this on my real estate blog? Well my dear friends, exercise has made my business a much more successful one. When other agents start losing steam and want to quit, I am just getting started. When other agents can't make the trip from point A to point B because they are too tired, I am already planning on making it to points C, D, E, F, etc. I don't quit because my body doesn't quit. I can outlast agents who are half my age. My mind is clearer, my body is more energetic and my goals are met!

Exercise also helps me stay focused and positive. When I start off my day with a 5 mile run, or an hour at the gym, I detox my brain and remove all those mental toxins that deter me from focusing. The mental clutter doesn't matter. All that matters is the next quarter mile, or the next rep, or the next press. I forget about the negativity that we sometimes (more often than I care for) face in our industry. I don't worry about the one that may not sell, or the one that went to someone else, or the deal that is taking too long to close. I am only focused on my physical goal. That is the best meditation for me.

I am an exercise junkie. I love it! It is definitely a lot cheaper than the other ways some people cope. I don't need to drown myself in drinks, or suck on a cigarette, or deposit God knows what stimulant into my body. I love the high I get when I complete my physical activity for the day.

Of course, as modest as I want to remain, there is no better compliment than that which I can give myself when I look in the mirror and love what I see. I am now 42, and in better shape than when I was 20. That is a great feeling.

These are just some of my reasons for exercising. They may be good enough for you. They may not make any sense to you. That's the beauty of exercise. Your "why" is yours and is designed to meet your needs. So go out there and find your "why", but please do it before it is too late.