Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Social Media is NOT Just Another Tool

Social media has taken over people’s lives and just when you think you’ve figured it out, the social media gods change the game and either throw a shiny new platform at you, change the one you were finally able to use like they did to Myspace, or worse, they take it away altogether. So how do you get your social media game up without letting it consume our entire life?

Well, instead of being everywhere, choose one or two sights that you are truly strong on or comfortable with, and become really good at it. If you are in sales or in any type of profession that requires you to stay top of mind with potential clients, you may want to become good at the type of social media platform that your prospects/potential clients may be on. If you are selling high end homes in New York City (like I do) you probably won’t spend too much time on places like SnapChat. You shouldn’t completely ignore any of the major sites, but just don’t spend too much time on the ones that may not be pertinent to your goals.

Let’s face it, there are simply way too many sites available out there and if we are going to try to master them all, we might as well never leave our home and simply have a virtual relationship with our phones and tablets. If we plan on using social media as a tool for our business, we have to use it responsibly. So how do we cut through the clutter of new apps, sites and shiny pennies to find the ones that work best?
The obvious first thing is to feel out our business. Are you in a people business that targets potential clients who can purchase your high ticket item? If so, then you want to use an app that more professionals gravitate to. A suggestion would be to look into LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Yes, I said Twitter. If you have any doubt about this, watch any speaker, any marketing expert or any celebrity and see what site they give out during their events, it’s usually their Twitter link. Mine is @glrosario_ in case you were wondering.

Of course, once you’ve decided what platform you are going to focus most of your attention on, you don’t want to ignore the others. The best way to manage the ones you are not going to pay too much attention on is to figure out how to share your content from the main app to the other apps with the least amount of effort or time. It’s as easy as copying the link to your content from your main site and then sharing it to the others. This takes almost no time to do.

The next step would be to choose an app that is very visual, which requires less writing and focuses more on the visual. Great apps for this would be Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Each one has different features that may change the user’s experience depending on the user’s social media capabilities. I find that Instagram is a very easy tool to use because I can share to other apps directly from it, but that is just my preference. I know some hardcore Pinterest and Tumblr users that simply do not want to jump over to Instagram, while others have figured out how to connect all of them in a harmonious way.

Finally, do not ignore YouTube. After all, YouTube is a search engine, and one that is used by people of all ages, genders, economic situations, race, family composition, religious background, etc. In other words, everyone’s on it so why would you not be on it? Now if you are going to actually start producing video content for YouTube, this may take a little getting used to. I give a class on this that I can come give to your team if the need be. It’s actually very user friendly once you break it down.

There you have it. If I was going to list all the social media apps that exist, or even all the ones I use, we would need to write a book about it. The problem with that is that these apps and sites change, and by the time I publish the book, it might be outdated. So for now, use the ones I’ve listed and if they go out of style before you find this blog post, visit my website at www.GeorgeRosario.com or Google, Bing or Yahoo my full name, George L. Rosario and you should be able to find me. Chances are I will be using whatever new app or site is making waves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please, if you take anything away from this blog post, let it be the request that you stay social.

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